Village of Mount Morris

Village of Mount Morris
117 Main Street
Mount Morris, New York 14510
Phone:             585-658-4160
Fax: 585-658-2473
Offices Open
8 to 6 Monday – Friday
The Village Board meets the First and Third Mondays of each Month at 6:00 PM.
The First Monday of each mouth is to conduct the monthly business of the Village.
The Third Monday of each mouth is scheduled as a working meeting.
2009 Meeting Minutes 2010 Meeting Minutes
2008 Meeting Minutes 2007 Meeting Minutes 2006 Meeting Minutes
Elected Officials
Name Title
Harold F. Long Mayor
Joel Mike Deputy Mayor
Robert Lonsberry Trustee
James V. Murray Trustee
Joseph R. Christiano Trustee
Lisa J. Torcello Clerk
Cheryl Cappadonia Treasurer
David Bryson Water Department
David Bryson Sewer Deptartment
Court Judge
Court Clerk
Gary Benedict, Jr. Police Chief
Jim Mann Fire Chief
Dean Smith 1st Asst. Fire Chief
Chris Young 2nd Asst. Fire Chief
Chris Young Dept. of Streets Foreman
Alan Rudgers Building Inspection/Zoning
Cheryl Cappadonia ZBA Secretary
John Putney Village Attorney
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Deputy Registrar
of Vital Statistics
Nick Loverde Village Historian
Kevin Fahey Livingston County
Planning Board Representative
Livingston County News Official Newspaper